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KeepCup Materials

We carefully consider material options in design and have made conscious decisions about what to use, and how. All our raw materials are free from phthalates (BPA, BPS, BPF) including DEHP, lead and cadmium, and our products independently lab tested to verify.

For more information on material by parts, benefits, manufacture location, material waste - at point of manufacture, in our warehouse and at end of life - choose the range below.

It’s not a world without plastic. It’s a world without plastic waste

Rebecca Prince-Ruiz, Plastic Free July Founder

50% of global plastic production is used to manufacture single use packaging and that less than 10% of household plastic packaging gets recycled in the UK while in Australia only 14% of recovered plastic packaging is recycled.

“Recycling” as an overall objective validates waste and does not demand the sort of changes required to transition to a circular economy – that is, designing out waste from products and services to reverse the reality of our linear landfill based global economy through reduction, reuse and repair.

KeepCup was created as a simple solution to a systemic problem- a durable reusable tool that would outperform single-use disposable cups, reduce waste and inspire positive change for those who use them.

Why don’t we use post-consumer recycled plastic?

We are often asked this question. In short, lack of material volume availability for manufacture. Full material traceability of post-consumer recycled plastic is essential to compliance with worldwide repeat use plastic food safety and health regulations, including migration of chemical compounds in use. This is infrastructure and cost intensive and any contamination could change known thermal and chemical properties of the material – a danger in conjunction with human consumption, especially when filling with hot drinks or microwaving.

Governments should be listening to its tax-paying public 81% of who want refillable products to be top priority for ending the plastic crisis and support the reduction of single-use consumption and its waste through legislation of legally binding plastic packaging reduction targets underpinned by Extended Industry Producer Responsibilities.

The best reusable is the one you use

We can’t purchase our way to a sustainable planet, the best reusable cup is the one you already own, and the one you use.

Made to be loved and looked after.