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Ace Range

Smash your reuse game with the KeepCup Ace Range, crafted from cork and recycled tennis balls. The balls have been collected from European tennis courts, washed and dessicated to us the cork, rubber and wool from which the balls are made. Keep it in play.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are the Ace range bands made?

The Ace range bands are made using recovered cork from the wine industry and used tennis alls collected from Portuguese tennis courts.  The cork bands are manufactured in Portugal, so it makes sense to source local tennis balls. It's a great example of keeping materials in play, the basis of the circular economy.

How are the tennis balls used in the KeepCup Ace Range?

Tennis balls are made from cork, nylon and rubber.  The used balls are collected from courts around Portugal, washed, shredded and added to the cork band mould.  One tennis ball makes around 10 ace cork bands.

What KeepCup products is the Ace range available in?

The Ace range is available in Small, Medium and Large of press-fit reusable cup range with splashproof lids.  The Ace range also comes in the Cold Cup, a 12oz or 16oz tempered glass cup with a straw lid.

Can I put my ace cork band in the microwave?

We do not recommend the ace range cork band for use in the microwave.  Microwave heating can dry out the band and cause it to crack, a quick rinse and handwash is best.

KeepCup Ace Range on tennis court with tennis balls and tennis racquetKeepCup Ace Range on tennis court with tennis balls and tennis racquet

KeepCup Ace Range - Recycled Tennis Ball band

Our beautiful Brew Cork range is now served with an ace new band made from recovered cork and recycled tennis balls.  All our tempered glass reusable products use 25% recycled content from manufacturing.

Keep It in Play with KeepCup Ace Range

Game, set and match!  Calling all tennis lovers, coffee drinkers and sustainably minded  - a recovered cork band containing recycled tennis balls collected from tennis courts around Portugal.  Available as a splashproof sipper reusable cup or a glass cold cup for iced coffee.

KeepCup Brew Cork Ace in M 12ozKeepCup Brew Cork Ace in M 12oz

Why do we want to use recovered and recycled materials?

The longer we keep objects and materials in circulation, the fewer new raw materials we need, which in turn lessens the impact we have on the world's remaining wilderness and biodiversity. 
For most of history it has been cheaper to take-make and waste, but using items for a long time, redesigning to reduce waste, reusing and repairing all have an impact.  It doesn't just impact material flows, it shapes our attitudes and beliefs about how to live well and to live as part of an ecosystem.