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Camp Mug

Take the outside in with the KeepCup Insulated Camp Mug. Stackable, crafted from 90% recycled steel, with a clear, 50% recycled quick-sip lid. Available in 12oz.

Meet our new Camp Mug in 90% recycled steelMeet our new Camp Mug in 90% recycled steel

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does the KeepCup Camp Mug keep my beverage hot or cold?

From piping hot tea to iced coffee, our insulated coffee mugs will maintain temperature from the first sip to the last. Of course, the exact time can vary based on factors like the initial temperature of the drink, how many marshmallows you use to the temperature of the cup and the ambient temperature of external conditions.

What materials are used in the KeepCup Camp Mug?

Our insulated stainless steel products are made from electropolished 18/8 stainless steel.  The quality materials and the polished surface ensure there is no taint to taste and no need to apply a painted ceramic coating to the drinking surface.  The stainless steel is 90% recycled steel which is a huge bonus when it comes to impact.  Keeping products and materials in play as long as possible is fundamental to the circular economy.

Is KeepCup Camp Mug dishwasher safe?

The KeepCup Camp Mug is dishwasher safe.  However is the longevity of the painted surface finish is important to you, we recommend handwashing. For detailed care instructions, please visit our care page.

Can I put my insulated mug on an open flame to heat my drink?

Unfortunately, the vacuum-insulation prevents use over an open flame.  Our Camp Cups are double-wall vacuum insulated so they cannot efficiently boil water. The insulation will prevent the heat from the outside from transferring to the contents inside the vessel. A single-wall stainless steel cup without any exterior coating would be better suited.  Once you have the contents hot the KeepCup Camp Mug is a great way to enjoy your beverage.

Are replacement lids available for purchase?

Absolutely! We ensure the long-term use and modularity of our products with replacement lids and all other parts you might need. Check our recommended parts to ensure you get the parts you need.

KeepCup Camp Mug

Are you pining for the outdoors?  Are you yearning for a yarn around the campfire? KeepCup Camp Mug is an insulated mug that lets you take the outdoors with you.  The double-walled design keeps the heat and retains the chill to allow you to savour your drink from first to last sip.
KeepCup Camp Cup is our first coffee mug with a handle.  It's durable, elegant and lightweight with the simple curves and quality for which KeepCup is known.  The stackable design is great for outdoors, including your morning cuppa while out walking the dog. The coffee mugs come in four beautiful natural colours - Pink Clay, Bone, Pine and Black.
KeepCup insulated Coffee Mugs are your new to-go companion wherever your day takes you.

Take in the outdoors with KeepCup insulated Coffee Mug

This is the Coffee Mug to take you from cafe back home to kick start your day.  The stackable insulated Camp Mug is the first product in the KeepCup Home collection.  These Camp Cups are designed to enhance your drinking experience – lid on or off! The same barista standard attention to detail in volume, weight and height to ensure you enjoy the craft and sensory pleasure of your coffee.
Crafted with a sleek, modern aesthetic, Camp Mug is designed to enjoy that outdoor feeling.