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Reuse Counts - Our 2021 Reuse Survey

Reuse Counts - Our 2021 Reuse Survey

Reuse Counts - Our 2021 Reuse Survey

Jan 07, 2022 3 min(s) read

Every year, we check in on our customers to keep our finger on the pulse and understand what matters to you. What you tell us in our annual Reuse Survey paints a solid picture of your changing attitudes towards reuse, informs our actions and adds to the story of KeepCup.

The pandemic changed the way we ate and drank out, commuted and reused, testing the resolve of all of us on our journey to sustainability. 

What got you talking in 2021 is what has us thinking for 2022.

Reuse is back on the menu

In 2020, reuse was more challenging, as some cafes weren’t accepting reusable cups, and many coffee drinkers chose to simply drink at home instead. But it’s certainly made a comeback in 2021.

Reuse has almost tripled, with 59.9% of you using your reusable cup more than three times a week in 2021, compared to 21.3% the year prior.

Single-use is out. 41% went out of your way to reuse if your KeepCup was refused. You either refused a drink, found somewhere that would fill a reusable cup, or dined in instead. That’s a true commitment to the cause.

On top of that, 38.5% have thought more about avoiding single-use in the last year with 91% of you consciously reducing waste every day.

A coffee is more than just a coffee

It’s safe to say that a (reusable) cup of coffee has been more than just a cup of coffee.  

For many of us, it’s a symbol of our commitment to sustainability. 48.7% of you chose to reuse your KeepCup to set an example for others, and 87.4% you are inspired to make a positive impact with packaging waste reduction.

And for some, it might even be a lockdown lifesaver - 63.7% of people who’ve increased their out-of-home coffee drinking in the last 12 months have done so because it’s what’s kept them sane.

A generation of reusers

KeepCup is often the first step on our customers’ reuse journey, and for most of you it's the first step of many. We’re heartened to see so many of our community are committed to reuse, whether it’s how they drink water, shop or choose their everyday products. Many individual actions add up to a larger collective difference.

Insights on tap (water)

As we continue to push back against convenience culture, we're interested in reuse beyond the world of coffee (and all the other delicious beverages you use your KeepCup for).

It’s clear that you, our reuse community, want to go further too. 92.8% of you want to drink tap water (either straight from the tap or filtered), and 44.7% always carry a reusable bottle with you.

65.7% of you are willing to find another option instead of buying a single-use cold drink.

The challenge of bringing your reusable drink bottle is a matter of convenience for some, forgetfulness for others – but for 18.4% of our customers surveyed, it’s because they’re too hard to clean.

Well that’s 100% not a problem anymore.

Enter the KeepCup Bottle

It’s plain to see you love to stay hydrated as much as you love your take away coffee. So do we. So we thought, what if KeepCup, but Bottle?

The new KeepCup bottle is designed to multiply your reuse moments throughout the day, so you can caffeinate, hydrate and everything in between. The screw-fit design lets you twist apart the cup and bottle for easy cleaning and versatility. 

Give it a spin.