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Beautiful curves and easy proportions make the KeepCup Bottle the perfect hydration companion. The dual-opening makes them easy to fill and clean, leakproof and dishwasher safe. Available in 420ml, 530ml and 660ml volumes.

KeepCup 660ml Black Water Bottle with Black TintKeepCup 660ml Black Water Bottle with Black Tint

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my KeepCup insulated water bottle?

That's the best part. No bottle brush! We can't promise it won't need a scrub, but if you regularly clean the Bottle parts separately in the dishwasher, it's unlikely. For best results remove the gaskets from time to time.
A note of caution if you like your bottle pristine, we recommend handwashing it to preserve the surface finish. The lid can be disassembled into four parts for longevity and easy cleaning. For full cleaning instructions, visit our care page.

Pink and Orange 660ml KeepCup Water BottlePink and Orange 660ml KeepCup Water Bottle

Can I put hot liquids in my KeepCup drink bottle?

Absolutely. KeepCup Water Bottles are designed to keep your beverages hot or cold. The stainless steel construction of our bottles ensures that they can handle hot liquids, keeping your drinks warm for hours.  Caution do not store carbonated beverages in your KeepCup Water Bottle.

Is the Bottle insulated?

The base Travel Cup part of the bottle is vacuum-insulated. The Water Bottle lid is clear single-wall premium clear plastic or double-wall stainless steel.  This isn't the bottle to keep your drink ice cold for days on end, it is for regular drinkers who don't need emotional support from a reusable object, but like a clean bottle.
Vacuum sealing provides increased thermal insulation when compared to double-wall construction, as it removes the air between the walls, creating a vacuum that slows down temperature transfer. Because our waterbottle lid is open-ended, it cannot be vacuum-sealed.

Why does the Bottle split in the middle?

The dual-opening water bottle solves a few problems. Its' wide mouth to fit your ice, fruit and other treats. The main advantage is that it can be easily and thoroughly cleaned in the dishwasher - no need for a bottle brush. Of course, the Kit also converts from a Bottle to a Travel Mug which is super when you want to travel light on the move!

Is the Bottle BPA free?

All KeepCup products are BPA and BPS-free. Most of our plastic parts are made in Australia and the United Kingdom.  They comply with global food safety health regulations and contain no BPA, BPS, phthalates, DEHP, lead, or cadmium. As a responsible B Corp, and signatory to SEDEX, ANZPAC and APCO we independently lab test our products to verify manufacturing guarantees. Check out our materials page for more detailed information.

Black KeepCup Traveller Kit shown as Water Bottle and Travel MugBlack KeepCup Traveller Kit shown as Water Bottle and Travel Mug

Lightweight Water Bottle

Whether you choose the insulated steel water bottle or the lightweight plastic water bottle or a combination of the two, each water bottle is engineered to withstand the rigours of daily use while ensuring your drinks stay at your preferred temperature for extended periods.
The KeepCup clear lightweight water bottle has been designed and made in Australia. Our Australian water bottle has a stainless steel cap and silicone carry loop. Designed for durability and convenience, our drinking bottles feature a unique middle opening function.

The dual-opening allows easy filling of ice, fruit, protein powders and smoothie ingredients. The best part is no bottle brush is required to keep the Water Bottle clean, simply unscrew it in the middle and place it in the dishwasher. No more hard-to-clean scum and residue. 
One of the standout features of our drink bottle collection is its modular design. This unique aspect allows you to customise your bottle by combining different parts to meet your specific needs, whether for a morning hike, a day at the office or a weekend getaway! 

Large Black KeepCup Insulated Water BottleLarge Black KeepCup Insulated Water Bottle

Stay Refreshed and Hydrated On-The-Go

Equipped with a dual-opening system, the cup opening at the top makes it incredibly easy to fill your bottle with ice, fruit and protein powder and then clean thoroughly after use. without spills, while the second, cap opening ensures a comfortable drinking experience without leakage.
Our KeepCup drink bottles also double up as travel mugs! With KeepCup's innovative Traveller Kits available in sizes S, M and L, you get the ultimate 2-in-1 convenience for all your beverage needs. Each kit includes an insulated water bottle that keeps your drinks hot or cold for hours, complete with a leak-resistant sipper lid that transforms your Water Bottle into Travel Mug in seconds. Experience the freedom of carrying just one versatile drinking vessel that meets all your hydration needs – hot or cold, anywhere, anytime. Choose from our wide selection of sizes and colours and find the perfect drink bottle that fits your life and personal style!

KeepCup Water Bottle Sizes

The KeepCup Water Bottle sizes are driven by the 8oz, 12oz and 16oz cup bases combined with a universal bottle lid.  Choosing the right KeepCup size is important to stay perfectly hydrated, whatever your day holds. 

420ml KeepCup Water Bottle  Not far from a tap?  Small bag? Frequent changes between coffee and water, our 14oz Bottle guarantees emotionally secure hydration.
530ml KeepCup Water Bottle  If you are always on the go and your day involves a balance of meetings and desk time, the 18oz convert to 540ml might just be your new best friend, offering enough water to refresh you without constant refills. 
660ml KeepCup Water Bottle F
or long-haul users, the 22oz convert to 660ml will keep you well-hydrated from morning hikes to evening classes.

Personalise Your KeepCup Water Bottle

Style meets practicality in our extensive selection of colours, designs and sizes! Whether you're drawn to the understated finish of classic hues or the dynamic look of bright colours, Choose from single colour Bottles or original dual-tone Flasks, KeepCup has the perfect waterbottle to match your style and energy. 
Choosing the right KeepCup size can be a fun way to ensure you stay perfectly hydrated, whatever your day holds. Emotionally secure and never far from a tap, the compact 14oz convert to 420ml bottle slips effortlessly into your life – and your bag! If you are always on the go and your day involves a balance of meetings and desk time, the 18oz convert to 540ml might just be your new best friend, offering enough water to refresh you without constant refills. And for the long-haul users, the 22oz convert to 660ml will keep you well-hydrated from morning hikes to evening classes.

Original Clear KeepCup Water BottleOriginal Clear KeepCup Water Bottle

With Design Your Own Brew, you can customise every aspect of your KeepCup. Select your cup size, band, lid colour and plugs to create a personalised cup that perfectly matches your style and preferences. Alongside our customisable water bottles, we also provide a variety of glass and cold cups, giving you a wide range of options to enjoy your favourite beverages.